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Do I have to use Club Buzz?

Yes – this is the application that is being used by the club for its management and so you will need to use Club Buzz to see what is happening at the club and view your account.

How do I get Club Buzz?

You will receive an email from Club Buzz inviting you to join Badminton Gloucestershire Performance.  Follow the instructions that you receive and complete your registration.  If you have not received an email, please check your junk/clutter boxes and if still not found please contact Membership@badmintonglos.co.uk  who will send you a new invitation.

What should I do when I log on?

The first thing to do is to check that your details are correct.  If your details are incorrect then please amend them accordingly.  Each year you will be asked to register.  This is to ensure that the club has an up to date set of details for all its members.

Can I make payments through Club Buzz?

No payments cannot be made via Club Buzz as this occurs additional charges and we’re trying to keep overheads to a minimum.  Payments need to be made as now.  There is a preference for standing orders and direct transfers as these methods are less prone to error, minimizes the administration overheads on the club, which enables the club to keep fees low.

I have a charge in block 3 but block 3 hasn’t started yet?

Any charges on block 3 are fees that are owed from the previous year.  If you have any queries regarding these, then please contact the treasurer Treasurer@BadmintonGlos.co.uk

I only have a charge against block 1?

The system charges for blocks on the following dates:  Block 1 starts June spread over 3 months. e.g. £22.00 charged on 1st June, £22.00 charged on 1st July and the final £22.00 on 1st August.

Block 2 starts in September spread over 4 months and Block 3 starts in January and is spread over 5 months.  Block 2 payments will therefore appear in Sept and block 3 from January.

If you are planning to pay by standing order (SO) please take this payment profile into account, as block 1 fees are less than blocks 2 and 3 due to less training weeks and that block 1 fees factors in a 2 week holiday payment break. (click here for indicative SO amounts)

I don’t have any charge against block one?

This is possibly because you are set up as a PAYG player and will be charged based upon attendance.  If this is incorrect then please contact membership Membership@badmintonglos.co.uk to arrange for your membership type to be changed.

What happens if I don’t agree with the charges on my account?

When you review your account, there is an ability to query a charge and write a comment.  This will be reviewed by the club who will explain the charge and then a way forward can be agreed.  It may be that the charge is reversed, amended or stands, depending upon the outcome of discussions.

I’ve made a payment but the payment isn’t reflected in Club Buzz.

As payments are not made via Club Buzz, they need to be manually entered into the system from the bank statements.  The club will aim to do this at least once per mth around about the 13th so that any payments are reflected in the monthly statement which is produced on the 15th of the month.  The updates may happen more frequently than this, but as the club is managed by volunteers, this does mean that this may not always be possible.

How do you calculate charges?

The costs are calculated using the following session rates for the number of training sessions with a 10% discount for full members (e.g. attending both Monday and Wednesday sessions).

FULL(£) Rate (10% increase)


Mon Raw 6.75 7.43
Developing 7.65 8.42
Emerging 8.55 9.40
Wed Raw 7.50 8.25
Developing 8.50 9.35
Emerging 9.50 10.45
Uni 10.00
  • Monday is currently not a full session, and a 90% charge is applied.
  • Late Developing is charged at the same rate as Emerging due to the increased shuttle usage.
  • To allow for holidays, two weeks are not charged for during BLOCK 1.

Are there any other additional charges?

There are no additional charges for the training sessions, however events may be arranged which may incur additional charges e.g. visit to Bristol Jets, specialist training camps etc..

What happens to the profits the club makes?

The club has two forms of income, membership fees and revenue from tournaments.

These are reinvested in the club in the following ways:-

  • Encouraging people to enter tournaments by refunding some of the tournament fees
  • Supplementing the membership fees
  • Development of the coaching team to ensure the most effective training is provided in sessions.

NB.  It is a requirement to volunteer at a tournament to benefit from the fees supplement.  Please see tournament section on web site for more information.

How do I notify the club about holidays?

Under your membership details you are able to add omissions which the club will review to determine attendance.  NB.  If it is short notice or late than the club mobile must be used as per instructions on the web site.

Why do I need to inform you if I’m unable to attend a training session?

The club is a non-profit making organisation and fees are charged to cover costs.  The number of players attending affects the number of coaches required and therefore this is an opportunity to ensure that we are getting best value for the members fees by engaging the right number of coaches for the session.

Why do I need to inform you if I’m late for a training session?

The performance centre is a structured development environment and a lot of effort goes into planning to ensure that each session is effective in developing and embedding new skills for all attendees. Being late not only impacts the individual who is late but also on other players as they may not have a partner, or the session may be interrupted at a key point which destroys the effectiveness of the session.  The more notice the coaches have that someone will be late, the more able they will be able to flex the session to minimize overall impact.