Date Tournament Comments
26-Sep-15 Gloucestershire Restricted Underlined tournaments are published and clicking on the tournament will take you to that tournament on the BE website. Junior Gold tournaments are prepared and organised by BE and will be published when BE deem fit.The CPNSC School Games is a bit up in the air. Sponsorship has changed so we do not know what is happening.
03-Oct-15 U13 Gold
04-Oct-15 U17 Bronze
17-Oct-15 U15 Gold
18-Oct-15 U15 Bronze
14-Nov-15 BG Bronze #1
05-Dec-15 BG Silver
23-Jan-16 U17 Gold
24-Jan-16 U13 Bronze
24-Feb-16 CPNSC School Games L3
26-Mar-16 BG Bronze #2