The Code of Conduct, covering volunteers, coaches, players and payers, has been introduced to:

  • Publish what is expected of everyone
  • Raise the standards of professionalism and performance within the Performance Centre

The Executive do not expect all members to follow the code all the time but do expect members to work within its framework and spirit. The code is there so we all know what is expected of us. If, generally, we fail to live up to the code then one of two things must be wrong

  • EITHER the code is wrong and should be changed – please see any Executive member
  • OR the member is not working within its framework and spirit


Adherence to the code will be monitored and in the case of breaches:

  • The member will be warned verbally immediately
  • If, in the opinion of the person issuing the warning, the breach is serious
    • The verbal warning will be documented and forwarded to the Performance Director with a copy for the member (and payer if appropriate)
    • The member may also document the incident and send that to the Performance Director – if no documentation is received from the member it will be assumed that the member does not wish to object to the verbal and written warning
  • When three documented warnings have been issued, the member’s breaches of the code and any documentation received from the member will be discussed at an Executive Meeting to decide on further action. The member (and payer if appropriate) will be advised of the Executive’s decision. The Executive’s decision could range from a formal written warning of what will occur for any further breaches in a finite period (sort of on probation) through suspension from the PC for a finite period to permanent exclusion from the PC.