There is no point having training sessions if the quality of coaching in the county is low. Over the last few years we have been working on a number of strategies in order to achieve quality coaching.

1) All coaches are qualified through Badminton England and on the coaching register.
2) All coaches have enhanced CRB’s.
3) Rotation of coaches at county sessions in order to keep freshness and motivation.
4) Planning takes place on a termly basis.
5) The Head coach quality assures sessions.
6) Regular meetings take place to share good practice.
7) Transparency and crossover between the performance centre and the county.
8) Coaches are enthusiastic about badminton and working with people of all ages.

County Coaches

Here are our BG County coaches:

Rebecca Pantaney
Andy Woolway
Ian Woolway
Sarah Robbens
Ben Compton
Liam Dutson
Kerry Mullen
James Siddle
Sol Griffiths

Community Coaching Meetings

These meetings have been set up by Mike Griffiths the Director for BG Community and Manager of Falcons Junior Club. The purpose of these meetings is to have a forum where practice is shared and developed. This has led to shared coaching sessions, more competitive opportunities for young people and the opportunity for all coaches to learn something new.

See BG Community for more information.