BG County

  • “Promote” willing and suitably able adults and youngsters through to BG Performance at a rate of five per annum starting in Feb 2012
  • Share (with BG Performance) the costs of BG Community subject to BG County’s and BG Performance’s financial health
  • Run an annual restricted tournament in early Sep each year which will lead to BG County selection
  • Run senior and junior county teams
  • Collect registration fees from all affiliated clubs

BG Community

  • Set up school clubs in at least five schools per annum
  • Identify at least ten appropriate youngsters for introduction to BG County or BG Performance per annum
  • To assist in the annual running of a junior tournament and league for players not involved with BG County nor BG Performance
  • Run continuous professional development for existing and new coaches
  • Create strong links with University of Gloucestershire
  • Promote the national schools competition
  • Identify one person per secondary school who will be a link badminton teacher

BG Performance

  • Run two BE tournaments each year (one Silver and one Bronze)
  • Run one international tournament per annum
  • Increase the numbers and levels of coaches to provide a bigger and better pool before end of season 2012 – with at least one person commencing Level 3 training and at least two more Level 2 coaches and two more Level 1 coaches
  • Encourage entry from Schools, Clubs and BG County to BG Performance with at least eight new Performance members by end of season 2012
  • Maintain Performance groups and promote (and demote) as required by assessing achievement against performance plans for reporting at monthly meetings
  • Target an Elite Group (perhaps four people) by end of season 2012 for start of season 2012/2013
  • Share (with BG County) the costs of BG Community subject to BG County’s and BG Performance’s financial health
  • Ensure that all BE criteria are met by start of season 2011/2012 and annually thereafter
  • Assist Glos+Stars, where appropriate, in maintaining its Premier Club status