Vision and Strategy


To raise the standard of badminton within the catchment area by:

  • Promoting badminton within Gloucestershire as both a competitive and recreational sport
  • Complying with the rules of the International Badminton Federation and Badminton England (BE)
  • Supporting BG County’s advancement in the County League
  • Supporting BE in its quest for young talent
  • Creating and Monitoring a safe and improving environment for all members, visitors and other organisations
  • Creating a clear structure for young people to play badminton at different levels
  • Working with schools to support badminton teaching, clubs and competition


  • Create a five year action plan in conjunction with Badminton England (BE)
  • Provide a badminton environment that is open to all irrespective of age, gender or ability
  • Quality coaching
  • Recruitment from schools into badminton
  • Encourage competition through the various badminton leagues and both restricted and open tournaments


  • Build grass roots participation in Badminton
  • Set up of sustainable schools recruitment by BG Community
  • Grow BG Performance to accept suitably able youngsters with potential to progress
  • Have at least two county teams in each age group{/tabs}