The Badminton Gloucestershire Performance Centre (BGP) was originally part of the Glos*Stars Badminton Club based in Gloucester. In late 2009 it became an independent accredited BADMINTON England Performance Centre.

With a permanent new home at St Peter’s High School, BGP continues to grow and to provide a platform for aspiring juniors and seniors to improve their play. The performance centre provides an integral part of the Badminton Gloucestershire support scheme and ensures that talented youngsters, identified through the Schools Initiatives, County and local clubs and competitions can develop further through intensive skill training, fitness coordination and competition.

To meet its goals, BGP commits itself to the players by offering two training sessions per week throughout the year for each talent level, player analysis by the coaches and the creation of a personal development plans. In return BGP looks for its players to be motivated to achieve and also to compete in both local and national tournaments.

BGP is a natural progression for those from club coaching and BG County coaching that wish to improve their game even further by training with (mostly) the top county players and some of those from surrounding counties. The aim of BGP is to identify and nurture the next group of players who will go on to achieve county and, perhaps, national honours; BGP already boasts one junior international. BGP supports players from all local counties such as Avon and Wiltshire as well as Gloucestershire.

The quality of coaching is extremely high and is delivered by a number of core coaches with wide-ranging experience who keep their skills and techniques current with support from BADMINTON England.

There are two BGP sessions a week covering three groups and the fees for these, although they may seem expensive, are amongst the cheapest PC fees in the country. There are various categories of membership and the fees reflect those categories; within each category there are a number of benefits which attempt to provide additional “value for money” for players and payers.

Players, depending on their category, are profiled by our Head Coach and have agreed personal profiles and tournament plans so that they can play in an increasingly wide arena. Help is provided with tournament fees for full and half members as part of the benefits package. BGP runs at least six BE-sanctioned tournaments a year covering Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Seniors – and also helps with the Gloucestershire Restricted; this is an ideal way to ease players into the tournament circuit.